Writers block

by Pip

Question: Ok. So I really love reading and I would love to write my own novel. I have plenty of ideas, but every time I try to write something down I get stuck. I am suffering from a serious case of writer's block. Can you please give me some ideas to help get over it? Thanks.

Answer: If you have plenty of ideas but a hard time getting started, you may need to do some work to develop your ideas before you sit down and begin the actual writing.

I'd suggest you create an outline of some sort. For some people, a paragraph summarizing what the story will be about is enough. Others will write a 10-page outline. A few will write 100 pages. The outline should be like a treasure map, so that when you get stuck you can remind yourself where the story is going and what the next event on the journey should be. And of course you're free to change the outline if you get a better idea during the writing process. (Just make sure you revise the whole journey, so it all still makes sense in the end.)

You can also use the outline to make sure your plot is dramatically sound before you start writing, which can save you a lot of time in revision later on.

The articles on this page are designed to help you create an outline...


Or if you want a less formal approach, simply start asking yourself all kinds of questions about your story. Then brainstorm possible answers. As you choose the best answers and incorporate them into your story idea, a more detailed outline will emerge. Make sure you include the beginning and end of your story, as well as the path in between.

The other thing that holds up some people is deciding where the story should begin. This is especially challenging because not all stories are told from the beginning. The one thing I would suggest is that you begin with an event - an important event. It doesn't have to be the inciting incident, though it could be. But avoid preamble if at all possible.

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Thoughts on WB.
by: Paul Ciampo

My biggest problem has been understanding writers block. Ive come to a number of conclusions.

First of all you have to ask yourself why you're stuck. I believe writers block has types, so I find this important.

Personally, my problem is improper planning. Or rather, not realizing how incomplete my outline is. I am no pantser. So I'd be stuck, trying to visualize the purpose and function of my scene and throw my hands in the air.

I guess what I'm saying is explore the possibility that you're unaware of your problem, whatever it may be.

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