Writers Block?

by Jessica T
(Elon, NC)

Question: I have the story, the plot, the characters, they swim around in my head all day. Then I try & write them down & it is good. Then I reread what I wrote & don't like the wording or the dialogue. I almost wish I could tell someone the story in my head & they could write it down. It's driving me crazy. How can I get over this?

Answer: Keep writing. Try to get to the end of the story, even if it's crap.

Then go back and revise, one section at a time. Print a copy (double-spaced) and make notes on what you would like to change or improve. Go back and make the changes.

Keep doing this until you have a draft you're at least semi-happy with or perhaps you run out of ideas on how to make it better. Then find people you trust. Join a writer's group, online or off. Share your writing and find out what these trustworthy people think. (Give them feedback on their writing, if they ask. This will teach you a lot as well.)

Do another round of revisions.

Keep doing this until you're satisfied it's the best you can do.

Everyone goes through this process. But the good news is that your writing will improve with practice, revision, and feedback.

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