would you enter the physical traits to the story.

by Ann Bakes
(Burnie, Tasmania, Australia)

Question: Where in the story would you add physical traits to? I am new to all this. I have started and I am on chapter 3 and the story is rather lifeless.

Answer: Think about when you meet someone for the first time. What do you notice about them? Probably their most striking features or something they do or a style of speech that makes them stand out.

When your reader meets a character for the first time, they expect to get a similar impression.

If you are telling the story through a particular character's eyes, then you describe what makes an impression on them as they perceive their world and the people around them (bearing in mind that you need to confine their observations to what's relevant to the story).

You may need to mention a character's traits other times the character crops up, until the image of their appearance is established in the reader's mind

With your point-of-view character, it's a little more difficult, but it's usually best to mention his/her physical traits when they are relevant to the story.

For instance, if your main character is tall and he walks through a small doorway, you may need to mention that he has to stoop. If he gets in a car, you may mention he needs plenty of legroom.

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