Word Count Blues

by Rohan

Hi Guys, here's my question...

I'm writing my memoirs (of sorts) ..so it is non fiction, first person true narrative told in past tense...hope this makes sense.

I believe I have a story that is worth telling in 25,000 words (I'm done with 4/5 of the story at this point). Given the guidelines on word count this probably is closer to a novella than a novel...but given it is non fiction, would this technically be acceptable to a publisher?

Secondly, could I send you a couple of paragraphs for you to review and let me know your thoughts?

Answer: At 25,000 words, what you have is a little short for a book. You might consider looking for a journal that would be willing to publish it.

Of course, this presupposes there is a good reason why the readership would be interested in your story. (No offense; we just don't know anything about you.) It would help if you are famous, infamous, or have a unique, rare, or topical experience. Look for journals that have previously published lengthy stories or exposes like yours.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a critique service, free or otherwise. It would simply be too time-consuming at present.

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