What would my genre be considered for my story?

by Christopher Johnson
(Ajax, Ontario, Canada)

The story takes place on a planet where Heaven and Hell are themes that represent the racial tensions between races of Demon and Angelic beings. The main protagonist was born from the neutral element of void which was born by the supreme chaos being locked inside the planet. He is brought in after escaping a lab as a ruthless primal instinct creature(Not being taught anything while being detained) by a disgraced angel who trains him to use his power to solve crimes and fight both angel and demon evil. He has to deal with his destiny of being void and believes to fight the evil even though he is born to destroy it and good.

Answer: The broad category would be fantasy. However, you're clearly mixing several genres here. It sounds like your story could be more specifically described as a paranormal dark mystery or possibly a superhero story. Sounds like it would make a good graphic novel or comic book.

I'm not sure why it needs to take place on another plant - but maybe you have your reasons.

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Jul 04, 2011
Reason for another planet
by: Christopher

There is a good plot reason for it being another planet. It involves one of the threats being from another planet.

Jul 05, 2011
Fair enough...
by: Glen

You have a science fiction element involved as well (which still falls within the broad category of fantasy).

Perhaps, if you were querying the manuscript, the best thing would be to find one or two successful books with stories and styles similar to yours. Then you can say, "It's like X," or "It's like X meets Y." That might be more helpful than trying to pin down a precise subgenre (which might make the book sound like a bit of a hodge-podge).

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