What Genre is my Book/ story?

by Uchiha Sasuke

Question: My story mostly takes place in an underground "clan" world, but it is not fantasy because only humans live there, and there are not really any fantasy aspects. It is current time period, and the above-ground world still exists.

My story also revolves around the emotions and the emotional conflict of the main character

Do you know what Genre this would be?

Answer: It still sounds like a fantasy to me, since this clan-world of yours does not exist in reality.

Any time you depart from reality in a very obvious way, you are in the realm of fantasy, even if there is no magic that indicates an alternative physics, or a technology that has yet to be produced.

Your story would probably be classed as low fantasy because you are assuming an aspect of reality -- a place -- exists that is unknown to the rest of the world. (This is different from inventing something like a fictional Mid-West town or a building in a real city, since your clan-world is very different from civilization as we know it.)

In fact, your story is not unlike the "jungle romance," which is a subgenre of fantasy stories that take place in a hidden jungles that civilization has yet to discover. Other variations would include Journey to the Centre of the Earth or the film Lost Horizons, which takes place in a fictional city that has remained hidden in the Himalayas from the rest of the world.

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