Ticking Clock vs Option exhaustion

by Terrell
(Columbia, MO)

Hello, I was wondering in terms of action based stories and decision based stories, when is the best time to use a ticking clock or option exhaustion technique. I know you said to use a ticking clock for decision based stories, but I was wondering why considering that you need to think quickly and act for ticking clock based decisions. Thanks again.

Answer Hi Terrell.

I think actually I said (or if I'm mistaken, then I should have said) that decision stories are more likely to have optionlocks. That is because they are more about the deliberation leading up to key decisions. Holistic thinkers tend to be more at home as main characters in these sorts of stories because they instinctively feel that making the right decision is the problem. Time is not a real problem to a holistic thinker.

Timelocks are more common in action stories, where linear main characters feel at home. To a linear thinker, making the right decision is not a problem. The real problem is whether they can get the action done in the time available.

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