Thrillers and real life experiences.

by Jose E Anes
(Puerto RIco )

Question: I finished my first draft and left it hanging and started another one. Both stories are based on the same premise of real experiences I have feared, done or felt and I am using real words people can understand. My question is, if putting my fears in a book or an idea is a good approach to making a good story?

Answer: As the English say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Basing a story on your experience is almost always a good thing because you know all kinds of little realistic details about the situation and events. Even if you change the story somewhat, many of those details will still apply, and putting them into the story can give it a sense of authenticity.

Of course, some writers can achieve the same level of authenticity through research and imagination, but that often takes a lot more work.

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