things that you suggest in writing a romance autobiography

by Sayass

Question: What are the things I must consider while I am writing an autobiography? can I write in past tense or what tense do you recommend me? I am really confused and i know you will help me.

Answer Writing an autobiography is a bit like writing any other story. All the elements that make a good story should be there. The difference is that you must be selective about what elements in your life to omit. Don't include everything, just the parts of your life that fit the story you're telling.

That said, biography readers do want to know about your whole life, starting with events in childhood that had the biggest impact on you later on and ending with the culmination of your career.

Past tense is usually the easiest to write in, and makes perfect sense when writing a history.

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Jun 24, 2012
What if!
by: Sayass

Dear glen, actualy i am trying to include just those time when i was in love in fact, just those few m0nths. So even in that case should i start from when i was b0rn and what i did. I mean cnt i just make a autobiography for just nine m0nths? Anyway, if i cant call it an autobiography i wil perhaps say it r0mance again. Wil that be good?

Jun 26, 2012
by: Glen

If you're writing about a brief time in your life, the usual term is memoir.

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