They Don't Know they are in love

by Jinx

I recently started writing I guess what you could call a new take on Beauty and the Beast but I am having trouble writing romantic scenes because I don't want either of the characters to realize they're actually in love until near the end, for the Beast when she leaves and the Beauty when he 'dies'. They are both so blindly oblivious they have a near kiss scene and still don't get. So I suppose we get to the point of all of this babbling. Do you have any advice that would help write romantic scenes involving two characters who don't know they're in love?

And as an added question I have two possible endings one is more traditional, she gets there in time says I love you and the curse is broken. The other is a bit more controversial. She gets there too late, says I love you, he's saved but he remains well Beast, but only on the outside. Side note my beast is more demonic, and kinda cool, because his character was more cruel and violent then selfish and vain. Which do you think is the better ending?

Answer: Please understand, I can't tell you how to write your story, only point out things you might consider.

Regarding the ending, you have to decide what thematic message you want to convey. Do you want to write a story about someone who overcomes his dark nature so that his exterior must change to match his new interior? Or do you want to write a story about someone who learns to accept his dark nature but not let it control him, in which case he might retain part of the Beast in his appearance? It's your choice.

Regarding the romance, the fun with such stories is when the reader can see the two people are right for each other even when they cannot. So you need events that show how well they work together, how their perspectives and approaches balance or complete each other.

So they may have a certain shared perspective that sets them apart from the other characters and creates a "you and I vs. the world" feeling. But within their relationship, each may perceive things the other does not, so they can argue about these issues but also help each other.

That, plus a little forced intimacy (a device that puts them in each other's company or in a more intimate situation than they normally would choose) will allow nature to take its course.

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