Switching Point of Views

by Saeda Shalhout

Question: I'm currently writing a novel, I'm really proud of it. But, I truly feel as though the audience should see the point of view of not only the 'main character' but also the character she has a love interest with. Especially the complication they have together, I think it' a great idea to show things that the character doesn't perceive and have them anticipate her finding out.

I started off switching off their point of views through chapter endings. But, I don't do it frequently. So far after a 10 chapter over 100 pages, I've switched off only twice.

I just need to know, should I stick with switching their point of views off through chapters.

Answer: It's actually quite common in romance stories to have the love interest as a secondary point-of-view character. Often this is for the reason you suggest -- to create dramatic irony, in which the reader knows some things the main character does not. Sometimes it's reassuring for the reader who is shipping the relationship to know what the love interest's genuine feelings are.

So I don't see a problem. Just remember to make the switches clear and never switch within a scene, so the reader doesn't get confused.

With only occasional switches, the main character will still be the main character and the novel will primarily be her story. You may have to consider how much you want to develop the love interest's story, but you have plenty of freedom to follow your muse.

Best of luck.

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