style of book

by Lisa Peterson
(Miles City, MT)

Question: Do you have any help & ideas for a book about making natural products (dyi)? I've been working on making all sorts of natural products. From bath products, hair products, cleansers etc.

Answer: Finding ideas is your job.

I would suggest that you stand a better chance if you can find a core idea that is easy to grasp and remember, that can serve as your title, and that encompasses your topic -- rather like "Eat Clean," "30-Minute Meals," or "The Paleo Diet."

Take a look at other best-selling books in your subject area and try to figure out what made them appealing or accessible to their audience.

It's also important to set yourself apart from other books in your subject area, either because you have information no other source does or a new angle.

You also need to make sure there is a receptive audience for your book. For instance, you might try teaching some workshops in which people can learn a few of your recipes -- just to see if there is a demand. (Having a few lessons worked out will be very helpful if your book is published and you want to promote it on television.)

You should probably use other methods to develop a platform as well, such as creating a website, blog, and/or an ezine which you can promote on social media. If you can build a large following, your chances of getting a publishing contract are much greater.

Best of luck.

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