stuck on chapter 2 :/

by Lena Hale

Question: I have started to write a book that I have been thinking about for a while. I have flown though the first chapter knowing exactly what I wanted to happen. Now I have got half way though my second and have come to a dead end. I am just writing fillers really any idea of how to get my ideas to flow again???

Answer: Ah yes, the dreaded chapter two. That's usually the point where you discover whether you've sufficiently thought through your plot. If you've stalled, you probably haven't.

Some writers just meander from here on until a plot emerges. Later they go back and edit, revise, delete like crazy. I'm not a big fan of this approach, though it undeniably works for some.

(I'm also not a huge fan of filler.)

What other writers find s more useful is to take some time and create a plot outline that will serve as a roadmap to take you from where you are now, at the beginning, to the end.

You might start with this article...

... and then check out the others on the Write a Novel page of this site.

Of course, your story can change a little as you continue writing, but it's a lot easier to write when you plan the stepping stones of your plot, so you always know what event you must write next or lead into.

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