by Janice

Question After I organize my plot, what comes after that?

Thank you.

Answer: After that, assuming you have reached the point where you feel excited about your story and confident about your plans, you start writing. (If you don't feel confident yet, you may need some additional planning such as making character sketches, researching settings, etc.)

Either set aside an amount of time each day or week to devote to writing, or set a fixed number of words/pages to finish each day/week. Be reasonable in your goals.

Don't worry if you experience a shaky start. You will revise later on. Keep going steadily and you should get into the flow. Your voice and style will emerge and become more confident.

If you find you get better ideas as you go along (and you likely will), feel free to revise your outline so that the story as a whole still makes sense.

And have fun.

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