Story in My Head

by Ayat
(Australia, NSW)

Question: I have a great idea about a story that includes the villain as the main character, but obviously something happens in their past that makes that character the way they are. I only have a problem with getting the story out of my head and writing it on paper. I get this idea of how it would turn out to be and when I start writing I don't really have the words to explain it.

Please help!

Answer: The only solution to this type of problem is to write more. That can mean writing portions of your story ten times, in ten different ways, or it can mean writing a lot of other stories first, or doing writing exercises/prompts. Writing takes practice to perfect.

Be warned that this process can take several years, but it will be well worth it.

Ira Glass has a great little video on this very subject, which I have posted on this page...

Check it out, take it to heart, and don't let yourself be disappointed that there is no instant fix.

It is often said that mastering any skill takes 10,000 hours. That's an hour a day for 30 years or three hours a day for 10. But most people can become at least competent in much less time. Also, you will likely produce a body of work during that period which will give you a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment.

In addition, the process can be shortened considerably if you take the time to learn more about writing--from books, courses, workshops, or even this site--and practise the tips and skills you learn about.

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