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by Antoinette
(United states)

Question: Hello again it's me Antoinette and I changed my story a little bit. I have a question to ask, is it okay if your character doesn't know the main goal or whatever he/she is supposed to accomplish until they know about? for example; Lucy doesn't know she is a princess in the story yet until she finds out herself and learns that the evil queen is trying to kill/sabotage her. And that's when the story goal starts happening. So, I'm stuck now, Lucy finally arrives at the castle but I don't know what the Queen should do. yes, she is evil and wants to sabotage I know that. I also want to introduce another character who is going to try and kill Lucy (doesn't know that) because the Queen is threatening to kill her brother if she doesn't do it. you could say I'm stuck at the part where I want to start the rising action.

Answer: It's important that the story goal appear in the story, and that the reader appreciates it, but where the goal appears is up to you. In some stories the goal only appears later on.

Sometimes characters pursue the right goal for the wrong reason (or for a different reason), only to realize later how important it is to everyone that they succeed.

Also, the main character is not always the protagonist. For instance, in "Romeo and Juliet," Romeo is the main character but the protagonist (the one pursuing the story goal) is Friar Lawrence, who get the idea that marrying Romeo and Juliet could end the feud between the families.

So it matters that someone realizes the need for the evil Queen to be replaced with a better one and takes up that goal, but it may not necessarily be the new Queen. Someone else could push for that goal to happen, perhaps persuade Lucy at some point that she needs to step up to the plate.

Best of luck.

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