story goal and chapters

by smita

I liked your tips and information..

I am working on a novel in which a girl lives in other world with her boyfriend.the other world is same as ours...she needs to give an exam in order to live there..but she failed.and was sent to earth..she is very mean.she worked hard there on earth and met a man whom she fell in love. she passed her exam but now has to choose between her boyfriend and the one she is in love with..what should she do?
I am very confused about my story's goal and I don't know how to divide my story into chapters..
Also,please give me some ideas about title of the story..I would be very thankful if you do so..
once again..thanks for the stuff you provided about writing..

Answer: Only you can decide on your Story Goal, but it sounds to me like you have two possibilities.

1. Passing her exam, which will qualify her to return to her former home. (This is a goal of Obtaining.)

2. Choosing which of the two worlds will make her happy (this is a goal of Present Situation).

Personally, I favour the second option.

Very often, in stories like these, when the heroine experiences life in the new world, she gains a new perspective and realizes the world she is trying to return to is not actually the one that will make her happy. The result is a character who gains wisdom as a result of pursuing the false goal (passing the exam) and discovers the real goal (finding a better life).

As for chapters, it's usually better to think first about events. A story, as Aristotle pointed out, is a series of events. The logical place for a chapter break is when one event has finished and the reader is looking to the next event. However, several brief events can be put into one chapter.

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