Starting newbie

by james westbroom

Question: So basically, in order to develop my writing skills I just write, So I have a novel I want to make, I just write my novel now to develop my skills and if it's sloppy I just edit it right?

I just want to "clarify" that because I didn't see it specifically written in your article. And I have people read my work right? The more I work on my story the more I develop?

Answer: Truly, you cannot become a great writer without practice, just as you cannot become a great musician without practice. We stress that you should to write a lot and regularly over a long period of time because too many people avoid this part of the learning process. They want to be writers, but don't put enough time into it.

Taking criticism from others and as well as your own self-criticism and using it constructively to revise and polish a work can also work wonders.

However, you can also do a few other things to accelerate the process. For instance...

1. Read a lot and widely, to familiarize yourself with good styles.
2. Analyze what you read. Look closely at how other writers describe scenes, action, thoughts, characters, etc. Pay attention to how they structure plots.
3. Learn about writing. Read books or blogs or attend workshops on writing and practice what you learn from them.

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