Something has to go wrong

by Ayub

Question: Character 1 is going abroad to spend time with his friend. Things have to go wrong here before and after they meet. I've put in a delayed flight, the friend and host coming late to the airport to receive because of an accident on the way. But I need more, something seriously going awry. Any suggestions? More the better.

Answer: I can't give you a specific answer. It's your job to write the story.

I will suggest that whatever you choose has to fit into the context of the dramatic arc of the story.

For instance, if this is the first chapter of the story, the event in which something goes wrong with the trip could be...

1. The inciting incident of the story--the event which causes the problem that must be resolved by the end.

2. A reaction to the inciting incident.

3. An event that shows who the main character is and his approach to problems that arise.

4. An event that allows the main character to see the impact character for the first time and how the impact character handles problems.

5. An event that establishes the relationship between the main and impact characters.

You have to decide what kind of event this is and what you are trying to show.

It may help to consider what happens next in the story arc so that there is a logical cause and effect link between this event and the next.

P.S. If anyone else wants to post a specific problem in the comments below, go right ahead. I just have to stay out of the business of co-writing.

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