by Aldi

Question: In order to have a strong scene in each chapter, what must it have? I read that it needs a beginning, middle and end? or Goal, conflict and disaster? Its very hard to understand. I want to write strong scenes!

Answer: Think of a scene as an event, a change. Something happens that affects the characters involved. Generally, a scene happens at a certain place and time, and you describe it through the eyes of one character.

A scene starts somewhere, usually with a character setting out to do something. Then he/she runs into problems, opposition. This conflict leads to an outcome, a change that cannot be undone and has meaning. At the end, the characters are left with new purposes.

You can think of this dramatic process as ...

Beginning -> Middle -> End
Goal -> Conflict -> Outcome
(doesn't have to be a disaster)

Or, as I prefer...

Start -> Complication -> Crisis -> Resolution

These are all ways of describing the same thing.

Each event in a plotline leads to the next. They are linked in a cause and effect chain. Important events you will describe in full detail in a long scene, others you may simply mention. You have a choice.

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