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I would like to know (maybe we might need an article), on how can I show a place/room to someone, without obviously drawing a map.

Also, are your articles/tips useful for movie script writing?


Answer: I suggest you read some novels. You'll find that just about all of them contain descriptions of places that successfully create the image in the reader's mind, without the use of diagrams. Study them.

There are rare instances where an author does include maps and floorplans (e.g. Lord of the Rings or some of Agatha Christie's mystery novels). But 99% of the time, these are not necessary.

As for your second question, dramatica theory applies to all forms of fiction, on or off screen, but it was originally created by two film experts who drew upon many examples of stories in movies.

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Aug 22, 2011
by: lucas

thanks for your start answer! I tought i'd wait a few days!,

Do you have any experience in movie/tv series writing?

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