putting too much information in the first chapter

by Erika

Question I have a hard time when it comes to the first few chapters, I always seem to put too much information about the character or the plot and I would get stuck later in the book. How do I make my first chapters so that they have just enough information to get the story going and still have it be interesting for the reader and myself?

Answer: You've largely answered your own question. :)

Try to make each chapter, each scene about an event, a change brought about by action or decision. You only need enough information for the reader to picture what is happening (internally as well as externally) and to understand the significance of it. You can fill in background a little at a time as you go along. Keep the action going as continuously as possible.

There are other things to keep a reader interested besides information. Action, intriguing characters, and an interesting narrative voice can be more effective.

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