Psychological thrillers


1. I want to write a psychological thriller but I'm not sure how to start it or how to create my own, original idea without copying other psychological thrillers I've read. What can I do about that?

2. Sometimes when I'm writing, I tend to put too much thought from the protagonist and it ends up dragging the story along. Any tips?

3. I'm 14 so I don't have much experience in writing books and I don't know that much about how the mind works (psychology), so how would I write a book like that?


1. Don't worry about being 100% original. Nothing ever is. Think about doing a twist on the typical psychological suspense story.

2. Don't worry about the first draft being perfect. Just write it. You can always edit out superfluous material later.

3. While you can get away with using your imagination to some extent, you should do some research. Find out about some real life sociopathic and psychpathic killers -- how they think, how they typically behave. Just remember, you're not writing about an average villain. You're writing about one particular villain who will be unique.

Best of luck.

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