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I'm starting my novel with a prologue, which describes the little town and the mind set of the residents in the story. The prologue is ten pages. Is this too long? Are there any rules on length of prologues and epilogues?

Thank you so much!

Answer: Ten pages (double spaced I assume) doesn't strike me as particularly long. However, I am concerned when you say it is description - setting the scene as it were.

I would caution that it is best to use the prologue to describe a major event - perhaps the inciting incident - within the overall story.

If it's just preamble, I'd skip it altogether. You can always show the town and its attitudes a little at a time as the main character moves through the story world, and as the action unfolds. That is usually a much better approach.

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May 11, 2013
by: Laurie

I guess it would be more of a preamble, so I'll skip it and try to weave the description throughout the story. Thanks!

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