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Hi.I'm a kid who likes to fantasize a lot. I'm interested in writing a novel, but I think my problem is that, I have a problem in creating a story plot. Ideas do came, but I just don't know how to connect the idea I have with the current scene that I written. What should I do? I also have a doubt in my story that I wrote. When I re-read the story,I'll say that it's not good enough. But I have no idea how to improve it. What should I do?

Answer: Have you heard this old joke...

A tourist walks up to a busker on the streets of New York and asks, "How do you get to Madison Square Gardens?"

The busker replies, "Practice, baby. Practice."

Writing is a lot like music or any other art. You get better the more you practise.

We all do this. We write something. Then we read what we've written and decide it's terrible. Those who get better at writing are the ones that re-write pieces until they are better, or keep writing new pieces until they get better at writing.

What also gets better with practice is taking ideas and expressing them well in story form. If a scene doesn't express what you want, re-write it until it does.

Feel free to use the articles on this site to get you started. Perhaps start with this one...

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