by Marisa

Thanks for your answer before.

So I've decided to write about the struggle of a poor and honest girl who lives with her mother and crazy step-father and who enters a school that only accept noble student. She will journey with her best friend and make friends with a witch who suggests she falsify her identity so she will be accepted in the school.
I plan to write it in first person, is it the best choice for this story? Is this story interesting enough or is it too cliche?

Answer: It's impossible to say what the "best" choice of narration. First person is certainly a fine choice and quite popular in young adult fiction these days (which your book appears to be). So if it feels right to you, go right ahead.

Don't worry too much about whether the idea is cliched. There are very few wholly original ideas. What matters is what you do with the idea, whether you can give the reader a fresh take on it, or pair an old idea with modern and believable characters, an interesting setting, etc.

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