POV jump for only one chapter?

by Samantha
(Buford, Georgia, USA)

Question: In a story I'm writing the main character who has first person point of view is a girl and there are two guys. I was working on subtly hinting about them having feelings for her then, in a scene where she's asleep, they would talk and it would confirm it. For that chapter, I was wondering if it is okay for me to change the POV for just that chapter. Would that be alright? Or, if there is any problems you see in it, can you say?

Answer: Sounds like a fine way to create dramatic irony - a situation where the reader has some information that the main character does not.

You could have a lot of fun from then on in the story because the reader would understand the guys' actions on a level which the girl remains clueless about.

You just have to make sure the reader knows when the POV has changed, which is very easy to do in third person narration.

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