Portraying emotion through a mask

Question: In my book, one of the central characters is mute, and wears a mask through the whole book. Even though I intentionally design him to be creepy, I also need to convey his emotions and some small glimpse of his motives to the reader. I have him popping up in and out of the story, helping some, killing others, passing information; generally behaving in a mysterious and morally ambiguous way. I do want to leave him largely in the shadows and keep his motives and goals unknown till later (I plan to make this a series), but the thing is that in the little hints I want to give readers, I want to convey some emotion he might be feeling at certain times. Nothing definitive, but I want the main characters to get some small inkling as to what he could be feeling or thinking. My problem: He was designed to be mighty, faceless and masterful (or at least very experienced) at concealing any such emotion. Any help? Thanks!

Answer: I think the avenue you have left yourself (assuming you do not write from his point of view) is to show his feelings through his physical actions and reactions to things when he thinks no one is looking - or the actions he does that he thinks no one will notice.

It may be tricky to orchestrate, but you may only need a few telling reactions to convey the essence of his emotions.

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