Points of view

Question: In my story I have two main characters telling the story, but I don't know how to set this out. I was thinking of changing point of view each chapter, going back and forth, but I don't know if this will confuse the reader or just annoy them as the story keeps jumping between two different situations.

I can't write the story in only one point of view as my characters are separated early on and both of them have important roles in the story.

Any advice on how to set it out would be great.

Answer: Lots of novels are told through multiple points of view. It is important to make it clear each time the POV changes, so the reader knows whose eyes he is seeing the story through at any given moment, but this is perfectly doable. It's good to use chapter breaks as opportunities to change point of view, since these are natural breaks in the story.

One example of this technique (if you're into fantasy) is the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathon Stroud, which is told from three points of view. (Start with The Amulet of Samarkand.)

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