Point of View Problem

by Alisa Andrews
(United States)

Question: This may be a problem I just have to get over. I am writing a series, and every book is in first person except the last one. In the last book, there are too many people I want to tell the view point of (eight people). My friend has not read my story, but she said that multiple POVs are frowned upon, and I should change my Point of View. She suggested that I write in Third-person omniscient, but I hate writing in 3rd person. I prefer writing in a way that in extremely close to the character's emotions, like 1st person. I want my audience to feel for the characters as much as possible. I was wondering if there was a way to write in 1st person and still get at least a fraction of the characters' view points. It is just that certain scenes mean more for other characters than others. If Miranda is the narrator in the first chapter, but there is a scene in chapter 2 that greatly affects Amy, then I want it told by Amy.

I did find a great answer here in a question entitled "Multiple simultaneous POVs," but I wanted to ask in a way that I could get a detailed answer. The overall question is: Can I have several POVs as long as I have only 1 POV in each chapter, and I identify who is speaking with clues (and maybe someone else identifying them)?
Also, the audience should understand the behavioral patterns of the characters in the last (9th) book, since the 8 main characters are the heroines from the last 8 books. Each one has been the main narrator from their own story.

Answer: Have you considered using 3rd person limited narration - where you write in 3rd person but you only describe what one particular character perceives? It's a little easier to work with than 1st person, but still keeps the readers close to your character. Also, it helps the readers keep track of whose POV they are in, because you refer to the POV character by name rather than "I."

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