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Question: I would like to display three of my character's thoughts, but I don't want to use third person point of view. Would switching point of view be a little too confusing? I mean, like;





Answer: It's not impossible, just more difficult to make changes in the point of view clear to the reader while writing in 1st person. The reason is that you would refer to each POV character as "I," whereas in 3rd person you could use their names, thus immediately distinguishing them from each other.

The challenge you are setting yourself up for is that, each time you change viewpoints, you must provide enough clues right away so that the reader knows they are now in a different character's perspective. After all, I assume you want your reader's attention to be on the story, not on trying to figure out what's happening with the narration and why the character from the last chapter now seems to be in a different situation ... Is it a flashback or a dream? ... Do they have a split personality? ... Should I flip back to the last chapter in case I missed an important clue? ... Is it still the same story? ...I'm so confused ... Maybe I should read something else??!! Etc.

Limited 3rd person narration does make it easier to avoid these kinds of problems.

Of course, you are also free to use 1st person narration for your main character or primary POV character and 3rd person for the others. The change in person can help signal to the reader that a new POV has begun.

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