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by S
(Australia )

Question: I'm stuck with plot twists, and kind of run out of ideas. Don't know how to move the story along and I don' want the story to slow down. How can I overcome this idea slump?

Answer: Do you know where the story is going? What crisis or major turning point you are building towards?

If you don't, consider mapping your story with the W-Plot (

If you do know the next big turning point or driver, why not take a day and just brainstorm all the possible ways you could take to get there, including all the ones you know you would never use -- absurd, impossible, unworkable ones.

Then leave it alone overnight (to let your subconscious keep working on it).

The next day, go back over your list and circle the ideas that are most interesting. Ask yourself how you could make them work -- even the absurd ones.

If you don't like any of them, do the exercise again.

Then gradually narrow down your list until you find the idea that excites you most.

Best of luck.

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