Plot problem

by Kacey
(United States)

Question: So I am writing this story of this girl in the 1800's who has magical visions into the future and her family thinks she is crazy, so they put her in an insane asylum.

When she is 16 she breaks out and starts to find her family and ask them questions. When I finished writing that part I noticed I was having a hard time figuring out how she would find them. I have though of many ways to do it but I can't find any good ones. Can you help me think of a way to finish that part of my plot?

Answer: I don't usually give suggestions in response to this type of question. (Otherwise, people would be constantly asking me to write their plots for them.)

However, I would be very surprised if your reader doesn't wonder why your character wouldn't steal a look at the asylum records before leaving, since her family's address will likely be in the file.

Even if her family has moved, the old neighbourhood would be a logical starting point for her search.

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