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by Debbie

Question: If you remember, I had posted previously regarding my plot:" I have thought of an outline draft of a novel, regarding a boy and a girl with contrasting personalities, who eventually become friends. Then an accident makes them forget their past and they get separated.

I have thought of the ending-tragic. What twist should be given in the middle so that the plot becomes interesting?"

Thank you for your comments.Guided me down the right track.

The plot thickens further as a lady enters the hero's life and pretends to be the girl whom he was friends with.meanwhile, the original female lead is dealing with an unhappy marriage. How do I make things spicy? The hero later on realises his mistake, but its quite late.

last scene:The hero sits at the friend's grave and.....well the ending is tragic but I'll give it a hopeful twist.

I'm a school student and preparing for medical school. I don't get much time, but I'm passionate towards literature and writing. I'll be highly grateful,if you guide me,Sir cause discussions are always the first step of creativity, I believe.

I hope I haven't bored you with my essay.I just need a right direction and projectile for kickstarting well.And thanks again.

Answer: Okay, so the accident is the complication (see my previous response).

It sounds like the woman who impersonates the friend is a Contagonist (a character who represents delay and temptation). Assuming you give her a strong motive -- which she'll need -- the "spiciness" should come from the oscillation between his gradual solving of the mystery and the temptations she can offer.

Might I suggest you also look at the 8 basic plot elements and make sure you have a clear story goal. (Filling in the other elements will help too.) Here's the link...

Even if this is primarily a story about relationships, having an overall plot with a story goal can provide a vehicle for exploring the relationships. Brainstorming other elements should give you plenty of ideas to flesh out the story.

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