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Question: One of my daughters would like to know what I am writing about, but I don't think she'd like me to write my personal family history. I just passed the age of 89 and have a lot to tell. How would I answer her question when she asked "about what!"... it would be my life story. I'd want it to be humorous, cryptic, intriguing, and with some innuendo as to my activities and reasons WHY. Something heartfelt...NOT boring.

Answer: Unless you're planning on spilling your daughter's embarrassing secrets, it's really none of her business what you write, but you can't blame her for being curious.

I hope she would be satisfied with an answer like "You'll be the first one to read it when I'm finished, but I'm not going to spoil the surprise just yet."

Perhaps you could explain it as similar to when she was young and wasn't allowed to open birthday gifts ahead of time? Or when she was a teenager and didn't want you reading her diary?

Could you remind her that you're a grown-up and allowed to have some secrets? (But perhaps you could say it nicer?)

Or how about... "It's going to be a gift to my family, one of the last big things I will be able to do for everyone, but I need some time to finish it properly before I give it away."

Best of luck.

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