Outline the plot of the story. Describe the situation, rising action, climax, and denouement

by k-la

Question: I dont know what this means :( please help.

Answer: Okay, let's take each part in turn.

"Outline the plot of the story."

This means you will write a summary of the story, a short description of what the story will be about, what will happen, who will do what, etc. from beginning to end. It's like creating a blueprint for a house before you start building. In a story, this blueprint usually has four stages...

"Describe the situation"

Where does the story take place? What situation do the characters find themselves in at the start of the story. This will include some event that gets the story started - a problem that arises that must be solved or a goal the main character wants to achieve.

"rising action"

Once the story begins, things will happen that make the situation more complicated. The main character's attempts to solve the problem won't work out or things will happen that make the situation even more difficult. In this part of the story, the reader should be getting more emotionally involved in the main character's struggle. "Rising action" refers to the rising emotional tension the reader feels.


The climax of the story is when the tension reaches its peak. The situation for the main character is at its most desperate - so desperate, that the main character is forced to do something he has never done before in hope that it will make everything work out. Alternatively, the main character may choose to stick to his guns despite the pressure to change. Whatever choice he makes will determine the outcome of the story: whether the problem is solved, whether he achieves victory or defeat.


This is the end of the story. It is important that the reader see whether the main character's decision at the climax was the right one. So you show how things worked out. What are the characters' lives like at the end of the story? Are they better or worse off? Is the main character happy with the choice he made?

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by: larrú

Clear! Thanks very much!

plot outline
by: Anonymous

Thank you. You were very clear, very helpful.

by: Ikal

i was doing my Creative iNDUSTRIES and i got stuck so i saw this website and i got my help ^_~

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks god blesses you

Thank you
by: Den

Thanks for updating this it helps me a lot because i need to change a story into a comic strip

Its not finished
by: Kulang

I know its five parts the initial situation rising action climax falling action and denouement

by: okaya

it helped me make my own story

by: Marwa

It’s clear but how to write a informal text

to Marwa
by: Glen

Since it is informal, you can write your outline any way you like. No one will see it but you. The point is to make the story clear in your mind. Some people write it like a short story, but as summary -- no scenes, dialogue, or detailed description. Others summarize each scene/event on an index card and then arrange them in order.

There are several articles on this site that might help you.

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