Outline, storyline and plot.

by Angelique
(Christchurch, nz)

Question: Please can you explain to me the difference between Outline, story line and plot.

Thank you

Answer: A plot is a series of events that make up a story. Usually these events are linked chronologically in a cause and effect sequence.

Simple stories, or tales, may have just one sequence of events which can easily be plotted on a straight line.

Other stories are more complex and may have several different sequences of events happening simultaneously, such as subplots or character arcs. So writers may speak of stories having multiple plot lines or story lines.

An outline is simply a summary of a story's events which writers create as a guide to help them when writing a full-length story. The outline will not include actual scenes, dialogue, minor events, or description. Instead, these will be fleshed out in the actual manuscript.

For some writers, an outline may only be a one-paragraph summary of the basic idea for the story. Other writers may write longer outlines or may include extensive notes or background material.

The advantage of creating an outline before you write your story is that it helps you spot problems with the plot before you've spent months writing a complete draft.

Of course, some writers consider the first draft of their story to be their outline (knowing that they will revise it extensively later on).

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May 30, 2017
Thank you
by: Angelique

Your explanation has help me a lot. Thank you

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