Question: I'm trying to write a novel sort of half-way between steampunk and fantasy, sort of "swords meet early guns". Think of a more Western version of the movie The Last Samurai. Anyway, my friends read all my stuff and give me feedback, and they say that while my story is pretty cool in general (a matter of opinion but still gives me pride as a writer :)Yay!), they say that when it comes to the love scenes, with the main character or anyone else, I go overboard. I didn't really see that coming, I guess I just thought that authors have different ways of writing and that mine was simply a bit more... descriptive than others. I'm not trying to write erotica or anything, just writing down what happens to be going on... in detail... Is this a bad thing? Can you give me any advice on this? Thanks!

Answer: It depends a little on who your audience is. If you're writing Young Adult, with emphasis on "young" you don't want to be too detailed in your description. You don't want to make your readers uncomfortable. It doesn't sound as though you're trying to write a steamy adult romance, after all.

On the other hand, it could be that your friends are just surprised to read such material coming from you. Unless you are the type of person who regularly dispenses sex tips, they may not have associated you with such material. People tend to forget both the power of imagination and the fact that sexuality is part of the experience of every human being. If they found the story erotic, they may feel uncomfortable thinking about you and it together.

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