ON what parameters are authors evaluated?

by Karan

Such as

Character description
Plot description
Lyrics of Songs
Background Scenes
What Else??????
This answer will help authors be perfect on all these parameters.

Answer: The main criteria is...

Do the readers find the story emotionally and intellectually engaging?

Achieving this engagement is often not the result of doing everything right, but doing some things so well that the weak areas do not matter.

Also, certain elements of story are more important to some readers than others. This is why different genres have emerged -- to cater to the full range of literary tastes.

For instance, Adventure or Thriller readers can put up with more shallow characters if the plot is engaging.

Literary or Women's Fiction readers value authentic and deep characterization more than an intricate plot.

Historical and Fantasy readers like to immerse themselves in an authentic and detailed setting. Western readers value setting too, but what really appeals to them is particular thematic messages (e.g. personal redemption).

Science fiction writers can put up with weakness in some areas as long as the speculative ideas are intriguing.

Of course, a writer should have a certain basic competence in most areas, if only to appeal to a wider range of readers.

However, you have to write what interests you -- the type of story that keeps you engaged -- and at the same time write a story that will connect with a readership that shares your taste.

Best of luck.

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