Novel Idea

by Morgan


I am really interested in writing a complete, emotional novel. I have some plots in mind, but I'm not sure which ones I could use. I tried starting stories with those plots, but they all came out very dull and meaningless. Could you give me some ideas for plots? Thank you!


Response: Morgan, this is not like high school. You can't get someone to slip you the answer under the desk.

Even if someone did give you a plot idea, chances are it would not be something that really inspired you. And few people can discipline themselves to write an 80,000 word novel if they are not truly inspired by the idea behind it.

You want an idea that pounces on you like desperate mugger in an alley, demands that you write it, and refuses to let go until you do. You want an idea that comes especially to you and that only you can write.

To find such an idea, feel free to use the techniques on this website. You could take some of the ideas you already have and start playing with them.

Or use this article to play with some other ideas...

Have fun. Explore. Eventually, when you least expect it, the right idea will find you.

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