Novel Fonts and spacing.

by Pat
(Phoenix, AZ.)

Question: I have written several screen plays, but was wondering what font and spacing should you use to write a novel?

Answer: If you're used to screenplay formatting, a novel will be a piece of cake.

Double space everything. The best font to use is Courier 12, because it makes word counts easier.

(If you have a 60 stroke line and 25 lines per page, that should create an average of 250 words per page.)

However, some people accept Times New Roman as well.

This article goes into more detail on the correct formatting of novel manuscripts...

Please note that the novel format, like the screenplay format, was established back in the days when typewriters were the standard tool of writers. Now that everyone uses word processors, some things are changing. Nonetheless, you are safer going with the traditional format because everyone in the industry is used to it and because it has some distinct advantages (such as being very easy on the eyes).

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