Not Your Typical Writer's Block

by Arianna

Hi, first of all, thank you so much for the resources on the site. I love your advice and the community that's developed here - so thanks. :)

Now on to my question.

I have a first draft of a manuscript right now (so, clearly it sucks anyway, being a first draft) and I'm extremely unhappy with the plot. I've made charts about flaws in the plotwork and how to fix them, I've tried re-structuring the plot, redesigning entire characters, etc - and yet nothing has seemed to help.

I took a break from the work, came back, and found myself even more dissatisfied and upset with the writing.

Is there anything I can do?

Answer: First, congratulations on having finished a draft.

Second, it's difficult to tell you how to revise it, not knowing the story. However, here are a few things you might try...

1. Show the manuscript to someone you trust, perhaps a writer friend or mentor, and get their perspective.

2. Try to identify what it was that made you passionate about the story in the first place, and where that passion went wrong. That might help you zero in on what needs to be revised.

3. Maybe you tried the question & answer process I suggested before ( You might give it a renewed effort. If you can identify what aspects of the plot you are unhappy with, you can brainstorm to find options that might be more satisfying.

4. Try writing something in a different character's voice or in a different style of narration and see if that makes a difference.

5. If you're the kind of writer to whom this might appeal (or you think you could be)... try writing a letter to yourself from your main character in which your character tells you what needs to be fixed about his/her story. Make it a good long letter (10 pages or so). (Sometimes characters know better than us and we just need to let them speak.)

Best of luck.

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Thanks!! <3
by: Arianna

Thanks a ton. I'll try all of it - I really want to make this manuscript work, and my main character is practically my best friend (lol forever alone) so I really want to be able to get this right. Thanks. :)

This Seriously Helped!!
by: Arianna

Since receiving your answer on this topic, I've tried rewriting the manuscript in first person and things are going GREAT! This was just what I needed. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks so much. :D

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