nonfiction novel

by kevin
(philadelphia pa u.s)

Question What type of questions do I ask the person that I am writing about?

Answer: I'm assuming you mean you're writing a biography. Novels, by definition are fiction.

But to answer your question, the actual questions you will ask will depend on who you're interviewing. However, the best questions you can ask are open-ended. If you're writing about a person, you want to get them to talk as much as possible about their life. Out of the information they tell you, you must find the story that's of most interest. The more you get them to talk, the better your chance of finding that story.

Of course, when they touch upon interesting aspects of their lives where you see the glimmer of a story, you will want to prompt them to elaborate.

Also, make sure your questions show respect for the person, because that will encourage them to open up more.

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