No plot ideas

by Emily

Question: I have no idea's for a story plot and or story line. I've been at this for hours- trying to find websites to help me with this writers block, but nothing seems to help. I just need a story line or idea because this is starting to get on my nerves. I can't think of anything. I kind of want it to center around a love story, but what kind? What's is it going to be about? I've been asking myself this for hours! So will you help me. List of ideas, please?

Answer: You don't want just any idea. You want an idea you feel truly passionate about - an idea so intriguing or exciting that it compels you to put in the months or years required to turn it into a novel and get it published. That's the way to create something you can feel proud of and that will deeply impact your eventual reader.

Such REALLY BIG IDEAS tend to come both from focus and time. They require patience and persistence.

However, while you are waiting for such an idea to come along, you can "prime the pump" by playing with other ideas. For instance, this article gives you one way to play with story ideas...

You can start with a love story you really like and use this method to create an original idea to work with.

Another method is to just take any premise (it could be as simple as "two people fall in love") and just start asking yourself questions about it. Any questions will do.

Who is the woman? Where does she live? What is the biggest obstacle in the relationship? Is it love at first sight or something quite different? Etc.

Make a long list of questions, and then go through the list making up answers. Then make another list of questions that stem from the answers to the first set. Keep doing this until a story emerges.

Playing with story ideas in this way may lead you to a story idea that grabs you. Or it may just help focus your subconscious on story ideas - clearing a path for the REALLY BIG IDEA that may hit you when you least expect it.

Be patient. Have fun. Stay focused.

Best of luck.

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