No ideas

by Ashley

Okay, I really want to write a story that has angst. I'm trying to be creative, but none of the things I think of flow well. In my story, this happy-go-lucky character's past is never revealed. I want his past to be tragic and a tear-jerker. He always smiles, but that's just so he can hide the pain he feels deep down. Does anybody know a sad past he can have? One that he wants to hide from everyone else?

And when I say none of his past is revealed, I mean it. No one knows who he was before he met them, and he never talked about his life or family. It's kind of like he never existed before he met his new 'family'.


Answer: You have to solve this problem on your own. However, I suggest you make this character's tragedy reveal another facet of the themes present in the rest of the story. For instance, if his story is revealed at some point, it could be an example which the main character could learn from or that would help the main character make a crucial decision.

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