Need help formating title page & header

by arthur L workman jr
(Brooklyn, New York, United States of America )

Question: I need help writing my title page. I know how to set the margins. I've already written my contact info - name - address - phone etc. I need someone to tell me how many spaces to come down to start the actual title of the story. Lastly how do I format the next page starting it off as page 1. The title page has no number but how do I start the next page as number one that's what I'm having trouble with.

Answer: You want your book's title to be in the middle of the title page (half-way down) or slightly above. Your byline ("By John Smith") goes two lines below this. Centre both the title and the byline. Note: if you are using a pseudonym, the pseudonym appears on the byline (so the editor knows what name to put on the book), but your real name appears with your contact info (so the editor knows who to make the cheque out to).

The actual commands to restart the page numbering are different for each word processor. However, what you generally need to do is insert a section break before the first chapter begins, and make sure that the numbering restarts at "1" when you begin a new section.

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