Names of fictional lands

by John
(Woods Cross, UT, USA)

Question: Hey, I'm writing a novel, and I came up with a really sweet name for the country that the characters live in, But I googled it, and I found out it's already used and taken by a bunch of other books, games, etc. And the problem is, I started writing it with the name, and I'm already attached to it. So I'm wondering if I'll have to change it for copyright issues and such. I don't want to, but do I have to?

Answer: You may not have to, but it may be a good idea. You don't want people to confuse your fictional world with others. You want your story and your world to stand out and to be original.

If you absolutely can't part with it, you could try just changing the spelling. But I think you may be better off looking for a new name.

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Oct 16, 2012
Thank You
by: John

Thanx. Maybe I will try finding another name. Who knows, i might make up one even better than this one. But, if all else fails, I might use that name, and have it stick with a title like : "The Lost Land of ________" or something like that. Anyway, Thanks Glen, I've had this issue for quite a while, and I'm happy to have you help me. :)

(P.S. the reason why I'm not mentioning the name is because I'm afraid someone else who visits this page might use it for their novel. XD)

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