mystery feelings

by rekik hiba
(tunisia , bizerte)

Question: I am writing a fantasy and I don't want to focus on the love relationship. Also I don't want the reader know about the character's feelings when he reads. I want this part to be always mysterious. I mean for example people when they read the lines they will think that character A hates character B but at the end he will discover that character A was just hiding his feelings.

Help me please by telling me which techniques I should use to keep my story more Fascinating and to attract the reader.

Answer: It makes a big difference whether Character A is the main character, in which case the reader is privy to his thoughts and feelings, or a secondary character.

With a secondary character, you can select what the main character notices him doing, saying, etc. People can seem to dislike someone they have a crush on when they aren't ready to admit it themselves. A smart observer might recognize what's really going on between these two characters, but your main character might be a little oblivious to such things and only notice the apparent hostility until the relationship becomes openly romantic.

If A is the main character, it's a matter of A not being ready to admit to himself his attraction to B. So B might occupy a lot of his thoughts, but they might appear to be thoughts of annoyance. They might be thoughts that contradict each other. Again, a smart reader may be able to read between the lines and realize what's going on long before A does.

Don't try to be too subtle about this. You want there to be clues the reader can pick up on. Readers like to figure out puzzles and they enjoy feeling smarter than the main character. So let them figure out that A is attracted to B. In fact, it's okay to make them so frustrated with A's inability to admit his crush that they wish they could hit A over the head with a newspaper to make him wake up and see the obvious.

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