My skewered protagonist problems

by Anne

Question: I have a problem. I have a world that I just NEED to write about, but no matter what I try I can't find any GOOD pepole to inhabit it. By good I mean pepole with morals who arn't competely batty. All the characters I come up with for this story are BAD guys.

Normaly I would just run with it, but this world REQUIRES good guys to face off with the bad guys, or the whole 'Good vs. Evil' theme the world's mechanics are based off of kinda crumble.

I guess my real problem is, all the good guys I come up with are sorta...I dunno...lame? They don't interact right with the villans I LOVE SO MUCH. But I don't know where to start making them...Un-lame.

Also, I think I have too many characters in my villainous cast. Any ideas on how to choose which characters to cut?

Answer: Well... there's no need for your hero to start the story as a good person. You could, for instance, tell the story of an evil person who, in the course of pursuing the story goal is pressured to become a better person and, however unwillingly, makes the moral choice at the climax.

There are also, for that matter, stories about people who are immoral, but qualify as heroes just because they are less immoral than the villains. (For example, they may be murderers, but at least they are loyal to their friends. Or, they could be pirates who also donate some of their spoils to the local orphanage, etc.)

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