My genre is "Paranormal Romance" .

by Miya Chanda
(Kansas City, Mo)

Question: I am writing a novel and I'm wondering if the romance between the hero and the heroine should take precedence over the main goal of the story?

Answer: That depends what audience you are writing for, and which of the two throughlines is more interesting to you as the writer.

If you are writing primarily for a female audience, if you want to sell to a romance publisher, if you feel the relationship is more interesting than the main plot, and the concept or main plot is primarily a vehicle to get the couple together, then you probably have a romance.

If the concept is unique and powerful, if the main plot interests you more than the romance, if you are writing for a general or male audience, if you see your book published by a publisher who specializes in thrillers or paranormal, or if the purpose of the romance is chiefly to provide the main character with a partner who can show him/her what he/she needs to do to achieve the goal, then you probably have a paranormal thriller rather than a paranormal romance.

It's really up to you what type of book you want to write. You could probably take the book in either direction, depending on what publishers you are targeting. Alternatively, a publisher might favour one direction over the other in the revision process, depending on what he feels might sell better.

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